Using Gravity Forms with Constant Contact

You will need this Gravity forms add-on:

Once this is in place you will have a whole new section under Gravity Forms settings: “Constant Contact”

Before you can use this section you must first validate the connection between Gravity Forms and your Constant Contact Account via:

=> Forms

=> Settings

=> Constant Contact

To do this you must first generate public & secret keys in your constant contact account here:

Once the connection is made you the add-ons’ interface will generate the appropriate entry for the “redirect URI” field in the Constant Contact account.

In my most recent use case the request was to build a form that would include three radio buttons where the user is mapped to join a list depending on which radio button is selected.

First we created the three lists in Constant Contact

Then in the “Constant Contact” settings interface we created a “feed” for each of those lists

We named each feed, paired it with the appropriate list and mapped the appropriate form fields to the appropriate field within the Constant Contact structure.

Towards the bottom of the interface you will see a checkbox to enable conditional logic – once this is checked a condition can be named to correspond with the appropriate list (in this case the condition is the selection of a given radio button).

You set up the response in Constant Contact via:

=> campaigns
=> create
=> email automation
=> name the “series”
=> associate the “series” with a given list

They call this a series as you may have up to ~30 drip emails attached to the process

PLEASE NOTE: as of this writing (5/24/21) the email templating system in Constant Contact is new and does not yet work with the automated/triggered aspect of their system and so it is advised that any related emails be added as copies of the “support copy for automation” email

There is a similar add-on for:

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… and others!