Gutenberg Block Patterns

written by: Jeff McNear

In Gutenberg 7.8 the concept of reusable blocks is being extended to the next logical step – block patterns.

Unlike a reusable block which can be inserted into a page or post, converted back to blocks and then edited, block patterns are “natively” templates and so can be edited without the intervening step.

As of today (5/15/20) the core version of Gutenberg does not yet have this feature, but of course the Gutenberg plugin does ( download it here)

With Gutenberg 7.8 you will have a second tab option when you go to add a block called “patterns”

There are several default patterns available, but you can create your own by using the Block Pattern Builder developed by Justin Tadlock (download it here)

The Block Pattern Builder creates a new post type where you can build new combinations of block configurations, save them and then insert them in any page or post!

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