Creating live Instant App using Famous Pro

  • Creating live Instant App using Famous Pro

    Sara Stoddard, product lead at Famous, will be demonstrating an early look at a new design tool called Famous which will become available in April in beta. Famous is a new designer tool that enables designers to design a progressive web experience from beginning to end all within one tool and without requiring any coding. In Famous, designers can import their artboards, add animations and interactions, view their designs live while creating them on any device, publish to the web, and see live analytics immediately.


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  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019
    Fred Kestler – WordPress Plugin for Mobile Application Development

    ATTENTION WORDPRESS DEVELOPERS: we have a must see presentation coming up next month!

    Tiny Screen Labs builds native iOS and Android mobile apps that are connected to WordPress. TSL uses WordPress as more than just a CMS, for our client’s use-cases, WordPress becomes the entire back-end to handle transaction processing, data management, credit card transactions and […]

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  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018
    Have we lost the fight for Net Neutrality?

    Net Neutrality regulations prohibited ISPs from:
    BLOCKING discrimination against any lawful content by blocking websites or apps.
    THROTTLING slowwing down the transmission of data because of the nature of the content, as long as it was legal.
    PAID PRIORITIZATION creating and providing an internet fast lane for companies and consumers who paid premiums, and a slow lane for […]

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