Upcoming Presentations

Tuesday June 11, 2019
Becky Davis – Keanan Koppenhaver – Steve Stern – Open Source Participation

Roundtable discussion on how to be a good open source citizen – how to find a niche to address, survive the inevitable politics that comes with participating in any group and how to navigate the gap between pitching in and making a living


Tuesday July 9, 2019
Larry Walangitan – The Discovery Process

Asking the right questions during the discovery phase of a project can reduce the amount of roadblocks and surprises in a development cycle. Understanding a client’s needs when creating estimates for a project. By documenting a process that targets these four topics:

  • Goals
  • Process
  • Data
  • Design and Development


ChiCommons, BlockShare Project – Steve Ediger – Tuesday, August 13, 2019

“We Build the Internet Highway as We Travel”
What if we could solve the last mile problem, get lower cost internet, and provide neighborhoods their own private intranet at the same time? What if we owned, managed, operated, and used it as a cooperative? What do YOU think?