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We are happy to announce our group has been selected to participate in the WordPress do_action program!

What is do_action?

Many of us know that the do_action(); prompt in WordPress coding initiates a function and/or launches an action. Do_action events are opportunities for WordPress developers, designers and site builders to help deserving charitable organizations while sharing information with one another about WordPress innovations and techniques. Done correctly a do_action event can serve as a miniaturized WordCamp where everyone learns something new and makes new friends and contacts with the added bonus and satisfaction of doing something tangible to improve their community.

We are planning to hold a series of events in the spring of 2024 to build a specific website for a specific organization and are hoping that this will serve as a template for many future projects to come.

Find out more about do_action: https://doaction.org/

What is our first project?

Breakthrough Karate is a program has perfected a methodology that allows people who have Parkinson’s disease to participate and practice karate. The organization was formed by a medical doctor who also has a karate dojo and was inspired by one of his patients who saw significant benefit from the practice of karate patterns in the management of the disease. The organization is compiling the necessary assets to build a website and will have text, images and video in place to display the concept of Breakthrough Karate to address the anticipated audiences of class participants, advanced Karate practitioners interested in becoming instructors and other dojos who want to include this practice in their curriculum.

Here is a copy of our initial site plan

We have made 7 icons in SVG format that we can use: (see: https://webprosmeetup.org/using-svg/ )

Can we help other organizations?

Absolutely! If you know of a not for profit that could benefit from WordPress based work we would like to hear from you. The only restriction that WordPress puts on us is that the organization cannot have an overt religious or political affiliation, so for example we could help an organization that promotes voter registration but not one that is soliciting registration for a particular race or candidate.

Who can participate?

In our opinion … anyone! However WordPress has defined these as the typical participant roles

  • Project Management
  • Site Design
  • Theme Development
  • Social Networking & Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Editor training

We need your help! Go here for an easy way to reach out to us.

What is the benefit to me?

Besides the satisfaction of seeing that your knowledge and participation will elevate a worthy organization and improve the quality of life for people in our community there is the benefit of sharing ideas with other people working with the WordPress platform that rivals what we have gotten in the past from WordCamp participation. We will also make every effort to advertise your participation to the greater WordPress community and there are rumors that this participation may soon earn badges on your WordPress.org profile similar to those displayed by WordCamp speakers and organizers!

What is the timeline?

There will be three related events:

Thursday June 13 6:30-9:00pm
Location: CoLab Evanston

Saturday June 15 2:30-5:30pm
Location: CoLab Evanston

(we will determine the time and place for the third event during the second event)

#1 – Planning & assignment of roles
We will have assembled all of the necessary content and established a clear site plan for the project and will be using hosting space that has been generously donated by A2 Hosting.

  • While the organization has video and audio assets that can be used most of this media will need some editing.
  • We will need a team to assemble the appropriate block patterns, post query displays, and templates for a custom theme.
  • We will need help and advice on how configure the site to optimize it for Search Engine visibility.
  • We will need help and advice on how to best capitalize on the organization’s current Social Media presence.

#2 – Assembling the site and configuration of a custom/customized theme

We will have established a clean WordPress installation at the live hosting location, established the basic structure of the site (key pages, post categories, initial post content) and inserted the plugin group as recommended here: https://webprosmeetup.org/fse-plugin-starter-kit/.

  • Additional plugin recommendations & review.
  • Optimized image assets and edited audio will be uploaded into the site’s media library.
  • The organization’s YouTube account will be reviewed and edited video will be added to the content.
  • Discussion of Social media, directory listing & other visibility issues .
  • Site content and configuration will be reviewed and adjusted for search engine optimization, clarity and accessibility.
  • Block patterns will be configured and added to content (calls to action, supplemental menus, bios, etc.).
  • From a baseline theme – adjustments to templates, template parts, embedded patterns, and styling will be made.
  • From “Create Block Theme ” plugin – the customized theme will be exported & final adjustments (in code) will be made.

#3 – Launch of site and training of the site owner/editors

The adjusted theme will be activated and all available content will be adjusted as per the advice of the various teams. While all sections of the site will be defined, not all will be immediately visible as the organization plans to roll out some elements at a later date. The site’s two principal administrators already have experience and exposure to using the WordPress back-end, but would appreciate guidance and advice on topics such as:

  • Best practices on adding content.
  • Integrating the site with social media, mailing lists, and directory membership.
  • General site maintenance.

What do I do if I want to know more?

Contact Jeff McNear at jeff@plasterdog.com

Our plan is to use WordPress Full Site Editing – here are some relevant articles

Adding custom fonts without coding

Up until WordPress 6.5.4 when you wanted to add a custom font to the current theme you could do so via the Create Block Theme plugin which would place the relevant font file in the theme inside /assets/fonts folder. Core Gutenberg now has this function, and as a result the Create Block Theme plugin has dropped it from functionality.

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Evolution of WordPress Themes

FSE is a major break from the traditional way of theme composition, PHP coding is at a minimum, the file structure has evolved to include patterns, templates, and template parts, and practically every aspect of the site can be modified via the site editor.

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Less code more database…

The introduction of the Gutenberg liberated the editing experience from the word processing paradigm providing improved ability to accomplish complicated layouts

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Many things about building a FSE theme are contrary to the standard practice to building a traditional WordPress theme. Crucial files such as functions.php and style.css can be very minimal; folders for parts, patterns, styles, and templates while new are required; templates and template parts (includes) are expressed as HTML rather than PHP; and the complexity of the theme.json file can be intimidating.

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WooCommerce & FSE

It would be natural to assume that the traditional process of customizing Woo php templates in a “woocommerce” folder in your theme would still apply, but that is incorrect!

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WordPress Full Site Editing – presentation slides

As of version 6.0 WordPress includes full site editing as an option for those themes that support it. We will go through the advantages, pitfalls and some useful work-arounds for using the full site editing experience and how to configure a custom theme in this new environment.

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